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I’m an artist, PhD candidate, and a mama. I’m a librarian, esthetician, animal lover, yogi, and mountain dweller turned farm girl.

I’m in the thick of working on my dissertation and diving back into my artwork that was quiet for a few years due to graduate school and life overwhelm.

My artwork is constantly changing, but is mostly mixed media paintings and assemblage. I also make pendants with metal, glass, and mixed media collage.

My research is about my experience as a doctoral student and issues around persistence while navigating many roles as a woman. I’m working to develop a process that uses tools for self-inquiry. These tools are meant for anyone who finds value in journaling and creative time to think more clearly. I find that journaling through a situation and also reflecting on that can be extremely beneficial in sorting out how we make our way through life events, but it can also get messy and if you’re like me, you can overthink it. I’m investigating some tools and structure to steer clear of the over-thinking and make sense of self-inquiry when journaling, painting, and creating.

Before going back to graduate school, I worked for two large natural skincare companies and as an esthetician for several years. I also owned a wellness boutique for a bit before changing career paths. But, I always held onto my love of wellness and natural products. I’ve been using and loving Young Living Essential Oils and now share that with others as well.




I’ve always found peace and inspiration on dusty dirt roads. We moved around quite a bit when I was a kid, but ultimately spent majority of my younger years in the Kansas City area. I grew up loving on horses and spending most of my spare moments after school in the country at a horse barn. At the time, I was anxious to get out and explore new places. I wanted to be a part of an art community where I felt art really lived-in a big city. It turns out art is where you are. It is everywhere. Life took me to a big city, a mountain town for several years, and now I’ve returned to the Midwest with my little family where we are surrounded by farmland. I draw on many interests for inspiration in both my work and my daily living. Here is where I share that.