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I’m an artist, a hobby farmer, and a mama.

I’m a librarian, former esthetician, recent PhD grad, animal lover, yogi, and mountain dweller turned farm girl. I’ve dabbled in a few professions as you can see, but the one constant has always been my artwork.

My current work is acrylic mixed media assemblage, paintings, and jewelry.

I recently completed my doctorate in research and statistics with a focus in qualitative arts based research. I’ve worked with data for several years, but my dissertation took me toward self-inquiry, art to express experience, and alternative representations of research findings.

The research for my dissertation was about my experience as a doctoral student and issues around persistence while navigating many roles as a woman. I developed a process that uses tools for self-inquiry, primarily journaling and painting.



I’ve always found peace and inspiration on dusty dirt roads. We moved around quite a bit when I was a kid, but ultimately spent majority of my youth in the Kansas City area. I grew up loving on horses and spending most of my spare moments after school in the country at a horse barn. At the time, I was anxious to get out and explore new places. I wanted to be a part of an art community where I felt art really lived-in a big city. It turns out art is where you are. It is everywhere. Life took me to a big city, a small mountain town, and now I’ve returned to the Midwest with my little family where we are surrounded by farmland. I draw on many interests for inspiration in both my work and my daily living. Here is where I share that.