I’ve always just liked to make things. I’ve never been overly set on just one thing. I’ve dabbled in pretty much all mediums. What I’ve made has changed over the years, but a couple of things have really stayed with me.

Painting is something I’ve always loved…ever since I was little and would make great messes all over the kitchen table. But, at a notable shift in my life I had an idea for little pendants that would represent the intentions I was setting in my life; tiny talismans that I could wear as reminders to myself.

Creating intentional spaces, using tools for encouraging focus and awareness-in my research, in yoga and in meditation-and having little reminders around me to help guide me in my goals are all practices that are important to me.

I’ve missed making these and always had a goal of reworking them into something a bit different.

I recently ordered some new materials to begin reworking my process and putting these little intention reminders out into the world again.

Art, Creativity, WellnessMonica Rezac