After a few years away from consistent and dedicated art-making, I’ve spent the past 8 months working to find my flow again. It’s been a start-stop struggle. I’ll have a couple of days in a row that feel like I’m catching that momentum and then life will happen and it’s a week before I’m back in my studio. This has been frustrating and challenged my efforts of rebuilding a creative habit. But, even though the other tasks that pull my focus are often essential things, I can determine my focus and flexibility with it all. It’s a new version of creative flow since I last immersed myself in my artwork, so I’m still learning how to go about it. I haven’t been leaning on my own power to shape that flow much though, so I’m making an intentional effort to take hold of that energy and direct it toward creativity where I can now. As with all things in my life, being patient for the tiny steps to lead to my intended destination is difficult, but progress is being made. I finally have an original painting in my shop (HOORAY!) and will have more photographed to share in the near future. Next up: Some studio renovations, new photography setup to share my work, and prints of originals……

Art, CreativityMonica Rezac