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After a few years away from consistent and dedicated art-making, I’ve spent the past 8 months working to find my flow again. It’s been a start-stop struggle. I’ll have a couple of days in a row that feel like I’m catching that momentum and then life will happen and it’s a week before I’m back in my studio. This has been frustrating and challenged my efforts of rebuilding a creative habit. But, even though the other tasks that pull my focus are often essential things, I can determine my focus and flexibility with it all.

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Art, CreativityMonica Rezac

I’ve always been someone who likes to make things. I’ve never been overly set on just one thing. I’ve dabbled in pretty much all mediums. What I’ve made has changed over the years, but a couple of things have really stayed with me.

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Art, Creativity, WellnessMonica Rezac