On a recent business call with my Young Living Essential Oils gals (Yes, I do that also and love it!), we discussed what we envision for our business and ourselves this year. The best word to describe what I am wanting for my business is integration. I N T E G R A T I O N. Integration of all aspects of my life with one another. I’m looking for interconnectivity and meaning in how I navigate my professional and personal life.

For a long time I have looked at each component of my life, each interest, and each professional venture as individual compartmentalized aspects of what I do or who I am. I never looked at them as pieces making up the whole.

Either because I told myself this or because someone else told me this, I always thought of my varied interests as random; untethered to one another.

The more time I spend working on the current work in my life, I see so much overlap and how all of my interests and experiences are anything but random. But, without some intentional focus on why I’m doing each thing and how it fits into what I’m aiming for, they can start to seem random. This is why creating a space, an organized flow for my work, and pointing out (to myself) how each aspect serves the next, is so important to being holistic in my work and in how I take care of my soul in doing the work.

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