Barn at dusk

It’s been several years since I’ve shared anything personal in a public way. I found refuge in an online creative community during a turning point in my life several years ago, but with life events and responsibilities pulling me in many directions, my dedication to sharing my work and words just sort of fell away. I’ve missed it ever since and I’m anxious/excited/skeptical/ready to reconnect to that part of my life. There’s something about putting yourself out there in this way that invites more inspiration. It also invites more criticism though, which was partly my reason for stepping back a few years ago. With some hard work on my artistic direction (and myself), I’m looking forward to sharing that again.

I’ve also spent the past several years making my way through two graduate programs. I’m rounding the corner on my dissertation and have worked to incorporate my connection to creativity and need for artistic outlet into my research. I’ll share what that’s all about here for those of you who may be interested in learning how art and research can coexist. I’ll also share in hopes of facilitating momentum in my work and also sharing useful tools I’ve uncovered that I feel apply to anyone interested in a little soul searching.