Charlie in the field

After several years in Colorado, my husband and I decided to make a move back to the Midwest. We’re both from the Midwest originally, and although we love Colorado, there was a part of us that longed to be closer to family and farmland. Many asked us if we were crazy. No offense to the middle states (obviously we’re fans), but most Colorado folks don’t understand why you’d ever want to live anywhere else. I do miss the dry climate, constant sunshine, and snow-capped mountains, but there’s also something to be said for longer stretches of seasons, soil where veggies and flowers can actually grow, and thunderstorms to sleep to.

After a string of life events that left us questioning what we should be doing and where we should be doing that, we decided to head back to our roots. I’ve always had a love for dusty roads and the treasures found along them. It’s fueled my creativity in the past and it always brings a sense of peace.

We’re now raising our son, just a little guy right now, who we’re excited to show so much to. As evening approaches every day, I stand on our back deck and breathe in the light, the sounds, the peace. Seasons feel more pronounced out here. Or maybe I’m just noticing more. This summer we watched crops grow tall around us. Fall brought crisp mornings and bright orange sunsets. We’re in the middle of winter, bundling up to take care of the animals, prepping bulbs for spring, and finding peace in the quiet grey stillness. I’m so grateful for where we’ve come from and miss our friends and community there everyday. But, I’m also very aware of how special it is to return “home” in a way and reclaim what inspires each of us in that.